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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bold lips

I used to strictly be a chapstick (sometimes lipgloss) gal.  The only time I would wear lipstick was when I was in a wedding and I always hated how it looked.  I wasn't used to having color on my lips so when I did it was like bammmm what is going on there.  I decided this past year to give lipstick another chance.  Boy am I happy I did because lipstick and I now have a wonderful relationship.  I mean these days lipstick and mascara is all I need.  I have become quite lazy with my makeup routine.  I blame the pregnancy, haha.  I thought I would share some of the shades I have been testing out, starting with a very pink shade and ending with a deep berry color.  I most definitely am not a lipstick snob so I have no problem purchasing lipstick at a drugstore.

Lets check out the shades!

Brand: Elle from Kohls
Color: Rouge A Levres

Brand: Flirt! from Kohls
Color: Sangria

Brand: Ulta
Color: Red Carpet Red

Brand: Ulta
Color: Good Year for Wine

I'll be honest with you, I hate spending a lot of money on lipstick because what if I decide I hate the shade, so these are all very affordable options.  The first two shades have been my go to colors this spring/summer.  I decided a couple of months ago I wanted some bright, bold shades of lipstick and dove right in purchasing the first two pink shades.  I think that was a pretty drastic jump from just wearing chapstick.  Last weekend I decided I wanted to add some red shades to my small, but growing collection of lipsticks and that I did.  I opted for a red, red shade and then a berry shade.  I am loving the fourth shade especially for fall.  Yay for my new obsession with lipstick!

So what is your go to color?  Any suggestions?

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