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Monday, July 9, 2012

A day at the beach

So I have always loved the beach.  If I could spend everyday of my summer at the beach, it would be the perfect summer.  Unfortunately, my days at the beach this summer are numbered, :(.  I just about make the walk to the beach and end the day with swollen ankles, booo.  This may have been my last trip to the beach this summer.  Well at least it was a relaxing one considering next summer I'll be chasing a lil beach boy around.  That thought actually makes me a very happy and excited mama. 

Oh and can I tell you it is not easy to find a cute, affordable maternity bathing suit.  I mean I could have pranced around in a bikini exposing my ginormous belly to the world, but I figured I'd spare the beach goers that sight!  I refused to spend a lot of money on a bathing suit I would wear a handful of times, so I settled on this little number from Destination Maternity.  This is probably the first time I am wearing a one piece swimsuit since I was, I dunno, like 10.  It is actually rather comfortable. 

My adorable goddaughter

The fiancée

Look at this cutie (my cousin)


Happy Monday!!



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