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Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY: Shirt Collar Necklace

I have been obsessing over shirt collar and peter pan collar necklaces for awhile now.  I have come extremely close to purchasing one on many occasions, but always decided against it.  Recently I have been finding myself searching store after store for one to buy, so I decided why not make one instead.  One of the greatest things about this project is I didn't have to go but anything for it.  I had everything I needed already, score!

Materials used:
- assorted beads/pearls
- spikes (from an old necklace)
- chain (from an old necklace)
- leather material (from an old jacket)
- black thread and needle
- jump rings (from an old necklace)
- necklace clasp (from an old necklace)
- jewelry pliers

As you can see I used a lot of materials from a necklace I was getting rid of.  Recycle and reuse, wohoooo!    

Once I had all the materials collected, I sketched out what I wanted the collar to look like.  *It may be easier to sketch one side of collar, flip it over, and then trace that piece for the other side.  This way both pieces with be the exact same size and shape.  Then I cut both pieces out and traced them on the leather with chalk.  I poked a hole in each collar piece (where they would meet at the center) and connected the two pieces together at the center with a jump ring.

Now it was time to add the chain to the leather.  I poked a hole in the leather, put the jump ring through the hole and attached the chain.  I measured the necklace around my neck at this point, so I could adjust the chain to the right length.  *Repeat to other collar piece.  Attach the closures to the chain.  Now you can open and close the necklace.

I attached the spikes first by sewing each one on individually.  I sorted through my beads and once I decided on a pattern, I started to sew the beads on.  First I sewed on the whole row of beads and then reinforced each bead individually.  I wanted to make sure these babies were not coming off!  

I am very big on my final product being neat in appearance, therefore I did not want the thread showing on the underneath side of my necklace.  I used my pattern pieces to cut black felt pieces, which I then hot glued to the back of the necklace.    

And that completes the process.  Here are few pictures of the final product!

I love my new necklace and the best part is I spent NO money to make it.  
Take a look at how I wore it!

Hope you like!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Sweater

Yesterday was our annual "Ugly Holiday Sweater" day at work.  I make my sweater every year basically because I love creating things.  This year I decided to get a little crazy and add some three dimensional objects as well as Christmas lights.  I had lights on last years sweater but not as many as this years.  Many have told me the sweater is not ugly but it definitely falls in the category of tacky, at least I think so.  Take a look!



I hand painted silver snowflakes on the sleeves of a white turtleneck to wear under the sweater.

Happy Holidays!!


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