Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Fever

I am 100% over winter!  Bring on the warm weather.  As much as I would love summer to be here, I will take spring first.  All these spring clothes and random 60 degree days are a huge tease.  Bright bold colors, fun and fabulous prints; it is safe to say I am in love.  If only I could open my closet tomorrow and see these wonderful items staring me in the face along with the warm weather waiting outside my door.

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What's your favorite trend for this upcoming spring?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mommy Monday

Okay so today lets talk mommy guilt.  I have a feeling most (not all) new mothers have felt this feeling at some point and they may not have even realized it was mommy guilt.  What I mean by "mommy guilt" is feeling guilty when you take "me time" to do something for yourself after your baby is born whether it be going out for a night, spending a few hours crafting, getting your hair done, shopping or just going out for a drive to clear your head.  I remember reading in numerous books that sometimes you just need to go into another room and take a few minutes for yourself when your babies been cranky and crying all day or when you have become frustrated.  When I read this I remember thinking "Are you crazy, I will never do this!" and while I never have I now understand why this statement exists.  Why have I never done this?  Because I would feel way to GUILTY!  What I have done is left my baby to take a ride to Starbuck's when my mom would come visit just to get out and be in silence for a few minutes or to blast my music and just sing my head off.  Not because I don't love my son unconditionally but because sometimes you just need a quick break.  I feel guilty just writing that "sometimes you just need a quick break" but it is the truth.  I am only human.  I have gone out for a night here and there and left my baby boy with a family member but I have still yet to be away from him overnight and I'm not sure when I will be ready for that.  I cannot imagine not being able to give him a kiss goodnight and to tell him the same speech I tell him nightly "Goodnight, momma loves you.  Sleep tight and have sweet dreams.  Momma will see you in the morning."  One step at a time, right?!  The guilt was definitely at its worst the first few months of Aidan's life.  As his mother I felt I needed to do everything for him and be there every second.  When I was away from him I worried if he was okay and if I was wrong to have left him even though I knew he was always in good hands.  Now that he is almost 6 months, I still feel bad leaving him for extended periods of time but lets face it I have to work so if I didn't get passed that guilty feeling I would be living a very unhappy life.  Now I feel guilty when I want to do something for myself after work because how could I want that after being at work all day and not seeing that precious face.  I will probably always feel guilty to some degree but I now know it is okay to want some "me time" every now and again.

So the question is, does it make me a bad mother to want some time for myself?  Some may say yes but I don't think it does.  Honestly I think it makes me a better mom.  Taking an hour or even a few minutes for myself helps me recharge my battery.

Have you ever suffered from mommy guilt?

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine + A Giveaway!

Happy V-Day! What's your plans for this lovey dovey holiday? For me a night home with my two sweeties is enough.

Dear hubby-to-be,

I can't believe it's been 5 years since our first official date. You have grown into the man I always knew you would be, a loving, compassionate and wonderful father. Throughout it all I would not have changed a thing because we may not be where we are today, a sweet little family. We may not be perfect but we are perfect for each other and together we have brought the most perfect little boy into this world. We are both lucky to have you. I love you with all my heart, always and forever.

Of course momma will be your valentine! Oh how I love this little boy! I made some pink and red treats for my other sweetie.

What's better than a giveaway on Valentine's Day!?! Well maybe chocolate but no chocolate here. But I do have a fun bubble necklace for one lucky winner! Enter away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy your day friends!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello Snow

As I'm sure you all know it snowed this past weekend!  Now I will be honest with you I have a love/hate relationship with snow.  Growing up I loved when it snowed.  I mean what kid doesn't love building a snowman, snowball fights, and hot chocolate after your day out in the snow.  Oh and did I mention snow days meant a day off from school!  As an adult, I hate snow.  Why?  Because now I have to clean off a car, shovel, and drive in it.  The perks are no longer there for me.  I would have been happy to never see snow again.  Well that was until now.  What changed?  I had a baby!  Even though winter is still the dreaded season in my book, I now have a reason to enjoy snow days again.  I get to play in it with this little guy and relive my childhood.

Even though Aidan didn't do much besides lay there, he did giggle up a storm.  Oh and he made a snow angel without even knowing he was doing it, smart kid!  Snow you are now fun once again!  I guess you can visit more often.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Garland

I love decorating for the holidays but unfortunately I just did not have the time to get Valentine's Day decorations up this year.  With V-day being this Thursday, I felt it was necessary to have at least one decoration up so I decided to make some last minute heart garland with supplies I had lying around the house.  Not only is this garland the cutest but it is also super simple.


Heart punch or stencil
Paint brush

First I punched out all the hearts needed for my garland.  I decided on 9 hearts which were made up of three different cardstock colors.  Depending on the size of your garland, you may choose to use more hearts.  To cut out the hearts, I used my Martha Stewart heart punch but if you don't own one no worries.  Just use a heart shaped stencil instead.

I decided to coat my red hearts in red glitter.  I used a paint brush to apply the glue to the heart and then poured on the glitter.  I must say I love glitter.

Since I was going to use thread to hang my hearts, I needed to put a tiny hole in the top of each heart.  Just find something pointy around the house to make these holes. 

Now hang each heart on a piece of thread.  I then attached all my hearts to a piece of ribbon by poking a hole in the center of the ribbon and pulling the thread, which the heart is hanging on, through the hole.  In the back of the ribbon make a knot big enough that the thread won't slide through the hole you created.

And there you have it!  A quick and fun Valentine's Day decoration.

What do you think?  

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner.  How cute would shamrock garland be!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mommy Monday

It started with two

and then there was three...

If you are a mother I am sure you have heard this statement before, "You're life completely changes", and that it does.  But it changes in the most amazing ways possible.  One major change is the amount of quality time you get to spend with your hunny and by hunny I mean your significant other.  By the time I am done changing diapers, wiping boogies, making dinner and finishing everything else on my to do list, which is usually rather long, I just want to plop into bed and shut those tired eyes!  No seriously most nights I am in bed by 9:00 pm. So when do Jesse and I get to spend that quality time together that I speak of?  Honestly, I don't know!  I haven't quite figured that out yet.  But what I do know is this "time" together needs to become a priority.  Date nights are as important now as they were before.  If not more important.  Most if not all my attention is now directed toward my little one, which must be tough on my man.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times we have went out together since the birth of Aidan.  Actually I know I can, three times to be exact!  Yup in the last 5 1/2 months Jesse and I have been out together three times!  Our first outing was for my birthday and we met up with some other friends.  The next two times, one being this past Saturday, we attended birthday parties.  So were we really alone.....nope.  So how many times have we been out alone, just the two of us, for the night?  A whopping zero!  Crazy right!  We have run out to a few stores together but have yet to have a night out together where it was just the two or us enjoying each other and only each others company.  This will change, I know that but it's definitely tough trying to find time for each other with all the added responsibilities that comes with having a child.

I have heard time and time again, "You need to get out", "You need to spend time together" and yes I agree but where do we find that time.  This is the challenging part.  Jesse wakes up when I leave for work.  By the time he gets home at night I am half asleep on the couch so needless to say we don't get to spend much time together daily.  On the weekends  I have so much stuff that needs to get done that my head could spin right off so I will say it again...where do we find the time?  I feel terrible saying this.  Saying I don't have time to spend with my hubby to be.  Life is just crazy right now, crazy good but crazy.  Date nights will happen again.  I see them in the future.  But right now Aidan needs us more than we need "date nights".  So the moral of this story, it really wasn't a story but whatever, is we still love each other even if our time together is limited these days.  It is tough to spend "alone time" together but extremely important not to neglect our relationship.  I am going to predict that we will have a date night by the end of February!  And what do you think we will probably end up doing on that date night?  Talk about our perfect baby boy, guaranteed.  Oh parenthood!

Was it easy finding time to spend with your loved one after the birth of your child?  Or did you/do you find it as challenging as I do?

Allow me to introduce the lovely ladies of Mommy Mondays.

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Make sure you stop by and see what Erin and Iris had to say about spending time with your significant other after having a baby.

Happy Monday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mommy Mondays

If you were asked to describe in one word what it feels like to be a mother, what would you say?
Could you honestly sum up motherhood in one word?
Being a mother is...
And so much more!

It's not always rainbows and butterflies. But if I had to find one word to describe being a mommy, it would be Amazing! Being a mother is nothing short of amazing. Everything I considered amazing before no longer compares to the amazingness of being a parent.

Baby babble is now music to my ears.
A day filled with giggles is priceless.
A morning smile is better than a sunny day.
Every cry breaks my heart.
The love in his eyes is breathtaking.

Being a mother comes naturally. It's funny how that happens. How one day your out at the bar with your girlfriends dancing the night away and 9 months later you are happy never leaving the house again. And when you do finally leave your little one for an hour or a day you feel like a part of you is missing. You feel like you are forgetting something because you are no longer one person. You now have that missing puzzle piece that completes you and you don't want to miss a thing.

Becoming a mother starts off as an emotional roller coaster starting from the minute you see that pink double line on your pregnancy test. Immediately a million different thoughts run through your mind. The most magical moment is seeing that precious face for the first time, nothing compares. And then the scary part comes, you are a mother! This is also when the amazing part begins and it just gets better everyday!

Everyday since Aidan has made an appearance into this world has been more fulfilling than the last.

If your interested in joining me for Mommy Mondays shoot me an e-mail at erin.simplyjustlovely@gmail.com.


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