Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Up, Close and Personal

It's time to get real.
To be honest.
I was the girl who never left the house without makeup on.
Looking a certain way was important to me.
Actually, I may have been overly concerned with how I looked.
And now I rarely take my makeup out of the closet.
Putting makeup on is a special occasion.
And I'm okay with that.
I've learned to embrace my natural beauty.
To be bare.
Love my imperfections.
It took me almost 29 years to feel this way.
Or a baby.
Why did it take so long?
I wonder the same thing.
But you grow up and life changes.
Your priorities change.
Aidan is now my number one priority.
And he sees me as I am everyday.
And loves me regardless.
I'm not saying I will never wear makeup again.
But I am now okay without it.
I don't need it to feel pretty or good about myself.
And what this made me realize is far to often we are not happy with ourselves.
This needs to change.
Learn to love yourself just as you are.
Be confident in your own skin.
And sometimes this is not easy.
Because we are our toughest critics.
Far too often I see my high school students insecurities take over.
I see the sadness, the hurt that is caused by a cruel comment from an acquaintance.
Why do we constantly feel the need to put each other down?
I worry for my son.
Because I have seen first hand how tough life can get.
How cruel people can be.
Becoming a mother is like a smack in the face.
It makes you realize all the mistakes you made as an adolescence.
Because you were young and naive.
And at times cruel.
But now I have this little boy.
And I don't ever want him to feel not good enough.
It's a life of worrying from here on out.
Motherhood is an eye opener.
This little boy has made me a better person.
And has taught me to love myself.
And he doesn't even know it.


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

I absolutely adore this post and everything about it. For the record, you look absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup...and I am glad that your little guy helped you to realize it. Hopefully, mine will do the same because I'm still very attached to my makeup bag!

Lindsay said...

what an amazing (and true) post. love it. xo1


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