Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Post by Vicki @ VickiChristine // Rule for Maternity Wear

as you’ve all seen many, many times from our simply just lovely erin, pregnancy style can be fun and modern and downright inspiring! also, how excited are we that her little guy is here!? 
congrats erin! and thanks for having me here to share my preggo wear. we mommas-to-be gotta stick together! ok, onto the clothes, yes? 

it’s important, when you’re pregnant and potentially not feeling your best, to remember that you can still dress to feel great about yourself. pregnancy is an amazing thing, after all. we deserve to feel pretty and special.  

and so, in this spirit, i give you my latest fashion rule for maternity wear. 
the maxi dress. 

use it, abuse it. 
embrace it and love it. 

the maxi dress can be your best friend. tall or short (i’m 5’2”), it works for everyone. i know a lot of ladies are afraid of the maxi but one try and you’re going to be hooked. it’s the easiest solution to your morning routine. slip it on, throw a cardigan or blazer over it, slide into your most comfortably cute sandals and you’re out the door! 

using jewelry, purses, belts, and even hairstyles can change your look entirely when you want to wear that dress again. same black dress above, two different looks. 

and the best part?! most maxis don’t have to be from the maternity department. i snagged a handful of maxis from my local ross store and all were less than $17 each! ideal for short or long term wear. 

i hope you’re all staying cool out there this summer. and if you’re not pregnant, thank your lucky stars you don’t have to endure this heat with someone else in your belly. because it. is. HOT. 

happy maxi dressing! 


Kaileigh said...

Well this makes me want to be pregnant in the summer! Then I remember the heat and reconsider....

Anonymous said...
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