Monday, August 20, 2012

A floppy hat and stripes

This could be one of my final "baby belly" style posts!  I am actually hoping it is because I am so ready to have this little guy out.  I went for an ultrasound on Friday and Aidan currently weighs 8lb 13oz (or so they say), yikes!  So basically if I make it to my due date, this Friday, I will be delivering a 9lb baby, seriously!?!  This worries me just a little bit, therefore I am hoping the ultrasound weight estimate is heavier than his actual weight.  I've been told that is a definite possibility.  I go for my last doctors appointment today (or so I hope).  Time to check if this girl is dilated and almost ready to go.  I would actually be ecstatic if they told me to go straight to the hospital because I am ready to have this baby!

On the other hand I still have a "before the baby arrives" to do list which is not quite complete yet!

At least my hospital bags are ready to go!  How bad would it be if they weren't!  Oh and we installed the car seats in both our cars yesterday.  See we are ready!! 

Dress:  Forever 21  |  Belt:  H&M  |  Sandals:  Express  |  Hat:  Target  |  Necklace:  Simply Just Lovely  |  Bracelets:   Gypsy Warrior  |  Ring:   Kay-Aloha Designs

I love a good floppy hat!  And they are perfect to hide those "I don't really feel like doing my hair" kind of days and those "I'm to lazy to put makeup on" kind of days.  These days occur quite often when you reach 39 weeks.  I used to never leave the house without makeup on, ha those days are long gone.  I've learned to embrace the "all natural" look!  With the addition of a few items to my makeup collection, I have discovered a new, quick makeup routine.  I shall share these secrets soon for all you women on the go!

Here's to a fabulous Monday!!


Montana said...

You look beautiful!!
I love that hat too, so excited that you will be having the baby soon!!
Good Luck!!

Cassie Shea said...

You are such a cute momma!! I love that you are still fashionable even when you feel you are going to explode! Super excited for you and I love your style! <3

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

You still look amazing, and I am so excited for you!

Michaela said..., so pretty!! I adore everything. Those shoes are darling!

Erin Redmond said...

You look fabulous!!! 39 weeks and still stylish. I am 33 weeks with my second and am too lazy to dress up anymore :) I also had a 9lb baby and it's not that bad. Good luck with everything.


Roothless.xo said...

you look gorgeous.
that dress and hat are beautiful!
found you through the GFC blog hop.
pay me a visit..

Erica said...

Such a chic mama to be... well, a full blown mama now! Congrats on your little bundle of joy! :)


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