Thursday, July 26, 2012


A few non maternity items that still fit me, wohoo!  Oh the things that excite me these days.  I have been stuck inside most days due to the unbearable heat and humidity, but yesterday I finally left the house!!

This color blocked blazer just makes me want sherbet.  Don't ask me why but it does!

Dress & Blazer: Forever 21  |  Belt: H&M  |  Necklace: Target  |  Sandals: Steve Madden  |  Watch: NY&Co  |  Bracelets: Asos & Gypsy Warrior  |  Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Do you see how big my belly has grown!?!  I don't think my body is meant to carry this much weight in one spot.  I feel like I am carrying around multiple bowling balls (big ones)!  I miss the things I used to be able to do comfortably.

Things that are no longer comfortable:

Ha basically the things you do on a daily basis!  But you know what is comfortable:  THE POOL!!  Oh yes, swimming is a glorious activity.  I just want to sit in a pool for the rest of my pregnancy.  I forget I am even pregnant because that big belly of mine no longer weighs 100 pounds!  And then I get out!  But yesterday I spent some time in the pool and it was heaven. 

Would I go through this all again you ask?  Abso-freakin-lutely because I already love this little boy more than words can describe!



Lindsay said...

cute outfit! love the blazer! you're seriously one of the cutest prego people i've ever met!

kristennw712 said...

looking gorgeous!!! so glad i am following along! and love love love your love for your little one :)

cheryl denise said...

you look fab! and if you weren't touching your belly, straight on and in a black dress, you wouldn't have been able to tell!

a peek of chic

Amber M. said...

Can we talk for just a sec about how freakin' cute you are?! Your little belly! Ah! It ALMOST makes me miss being pregnant!! No, I loved being pregnant really.
Rambling now! I do that a lot.


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