Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

This year at school the teachers were aloud to dress up!  My department chose the theme "Movie Night Out" and dressed up as different movie characters.  I was.......Edward Scissorhands!!!!  Here is the costume I threw together.

My birthday weekend was amazing!!  Friday night I went to my girlfriends to carve pumpkins.  An annual Halloween tradition.  Since I am pretty much obsessed with Halloween, I decided to dress like a vampire for the fun of it!

This is the wonderful cake my coworkers got me :)  

Then Saturday night I had a fun night with some of my favorite people!  And what fun would dinner be without a few props!!

Hope your weekend was as AMAZING as mine!!  The best part is I have another fabulous weekend ahead of me.  I'm off to DC to visit my favorite...Molly!!


Teresa - Life and Style said...

OMG! Great costume, and you look darn precious as a vamp!

Happy to see that you had a fun birthday weekend and Halloween :)

XO Teresa

Miss Ellis said...

WOW! The Edward Scissorhands costume is so perfect. Wow.

Katya said...

The best costume I've seen this halloween by FAR. Holy moly :)


Nicole said...

Wow, your costumes are amazing! especially the first one!


Sandra said...

Looks like you had a blast and love both costumes. You look great!!!

whatjocraves said...

Your Edward Scissorhands costume is awesome! You look great!

Ellen said...

Your costume is amazing!

Fashion Inciter said...

I'm good work!


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